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  • From those, links with the most number of votes are also featured on The Oatmeal, a comedy website which is read by millions of people.
  • Votes are calculated based on the number of likes and comments a submission receives (so you don't have to create an account to vote, just click the like button).
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If you are bored we recommend reading BearFood.

If you are REALLY bored we recommend inviting some homeless people over for scotch and Mario Kart.


About BearFood

  • This site was built by Matthew Inman (aka The Oatmeal) over several caffeine-fueled weekends.
    It is currently a one-man operation.
  • It is currently
  • If you find a bug, post it in this thread over here.


  • Can I submit something I didn't create?
    Absolutely, just make sure you try to link to the original source rather than re-hosting it somewhere else.
  • Is BearFood just for posting comics?
    No, you can post anything you'd like just as long as it is rich is awesomeness.
  • How do you decide which links to promote to the frontpage?
    They're promoted based on the number of likes, comments, and general activity on the submission. Links are not automatically promoted, primarily because I'm not smart enough to write a spam filter / link algorithm that can do that. Instead, the links are hand-curated. This also guarantees that even if someone spams the crap out of a submission a human being will always be there to prevent it from hitting the frontpage.
  • How many links are published each day?
    About a baker's dozen, depending on how many submissions I get.
  • How long will a submission sit in the queue before it gets promoted or buried?
    24-48 hours.
  • If my submission is buried, does that mean you think I'm a spammer?
    No, it just means there weren't enough votes to promote your link to the homepage.
  • How do I get featured on The Oatmeal?
    Each week, I hand-pick my favorites from the highest-scoring submissions and compile those onto The Oatmeal.
  • Why did you make this website?
    I love working on The Oatmeal, but I hate the fact that The Oatmeal has no community. I thought about adding forums but I wanted to create an entity that was separate from The Oatmeal that way the material wouldn't be limited to just my comics.
  • Hey, didn't you make a comic about NOT building this kind of website? OMG u r a hypocrite shitface! I h8 u so bad!
    Yes, and I decided to ignore my own advice.
  • I found a bug. How do I let you know?
    Post it in this thread over here.
  • I need to contact someone at BearFood!
    Email one of the fine folks at oatmealsupport@gmail.com